Oct 28, 2012

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever by freddiew

I really love car chases but this one is in a different scale.

Yep, this car chase is made with R/C cars. Freddie Wong and Brandon
are really good with their imaginations. I think they got their inspiration
from Need for Speed in making this video.

Just to give an idea, Need for Speed is a popular game about cars that
involves racing and a cop chases. You can enjoy viewing a lot of cars
that range from muscle cars, exotic cars, to tuner cars.

At first I thought, "How did they pull off this kind of shots?". And later
I learned that they got that vehicle that looks more or less a golf kart
which has a platform in front of it where the cameraman can stand on it
and take those beautiful low angle shots.

Check out the video below and enjoy.

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