Jan 10, 2013

X-mini Speakers

They might be old but their bold

I have always loved the X-mini series. From the moment I learned about them, I immediately got two of their first generation X-mini II and one X-mini Max II. The batteries you see in the picture are for size comparison only. These speaker have built-in batteries.

Their slogan says "Sound Beyond Size". During that time when there's not a lot of portable speakers around. I never found anything like it. The portability, the long hours of play time, the design, the overall look, and most of all the sound that comes out of these little speakers.

It's been three years since i got these and with regular use, the battery life is still good. Worth every penny. Their slogan says it all and it certainly exceeded my expectation.

The sound quality is really powerful even if you crank up the volume, you won't get a distortion. And did I say this thing is entertaining too? Because of the power that these babies produce the speakers literally bounces to the beats make it look like it's dancing.

The X-mini's are great to carry around because of it's size. Now, they have a new line of second generation speakers with lot's of different features to choose from. You can go to their website here for a detailed look.

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