Apr 25, 2014

Why Should You Use Facebook as A Tool For Your Business?

Why should you use Facebook as a tool for your business?

A few years back, people use Facebook as a place to have fun, find new friends and communicate with them. Now, in today’s world, Facebook is not for that purpose only. Businesses, may it be online or offline are starting to use Facebook as a tool to grow their fans and customers.

Here are some key statistics from the State of Inbound Marketing Survey that shows you why you should use Facebook as a tool for your business.

Key Statistics:

• More than half of Facebook users log in on a daily basis.

        That’s a lot of people that has the potential to see your business and the benefits that you can offer them.

• Average users spends 15hrs per month on Facebook.

        That’s a lot of time for users to see the things you have like photos, videos or offers that you might have. It’s might also be a time where they can engage, comment and give feedbacks on your business.

• Average user has over 130 friends.

        Everytime they engage with you, it has the potential for that 130 friends to see and engage in your business as well.

• Average user is connected to 80 pages, groups, etc.

        The more and deeper your business will be visible to potential customers/clients.

• Facebook is one of the most effective Ad platform.

        You can target and find new customers using Facebook Ads. And it is a cheap and easy solution.

This key statistics alone are reasons enough that you should use Facebook as a tool for your business because it gets people looking at you and your business and has the potential to get new fans and customers that you never thought was possible.

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