Jan 5, 2014

Cool Toys Coming This 2014

Parrot Jumping Sumo & Parrot Mini Drone

Jumping Sumo

Parrot has taken the wraps off two new drones at CES 2014 – the Jumping Sumo, a leaping, wheeled robot, and the pocket-sized MiniDrone flyer.

The Jumping Sumo's stand-out party trick is its ability to leap up to 80cm using a spring-loaded mechanism - Parrot claims that it always lands on its wheels, and the demo units on the stand managed accurate hops onto a platform nine times out of ten.

MiniDrone Flyer

The Parrot MiniDrone is a pint-sized version of its AR Drone. Unlike its bigger sibling, the MiniDrone doesn't feature a camera to keep the weight down – but you can clip on a pair of lightweight wheels that let it roll along the ground.

The MiniDrone connects to a smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth LE; the app lets you control altitude and steer using a joystick, while tilting your controller alters pitch and yaw. A gyroscope, accelerometer and barometer keep the MiniDrone astonishingly stable; take your hands off the controls and it rests in a hover, and it's able to quickly right itself after being nudged.

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  1. 'Parrot Jumping Sumo' is this the name of the toy seen in the pic and video? What a toy, in fact i will call robot toy! Cool!

    1. Yes, the orange one is the 'Parrot Jumping Sumo'. They are indeed cool toys Ü