Jan 30, 2014

[Tutorial] How To Lower The Video Quality On YouTube

Sometimes when you watch videos on YouTube your internet connection suddenly goes really slow. Now what do you usually do? Do you close the tab or do you click on pause and wait for a while until it loads the whole video?

Do you know that you can lower the video quality on YouTube so that it will load a lot faster when your internet connection is slow? Watch this short video to find out how.

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  1. Thank you for the Tip...Tanong lang po...minsan may mga movie clip kami na napapanood na tuloy-tuloy...yun po ba ay sa gamit nila na camera? Or before nila i-upload sa you tube ay binababaan nila ang resolution....

    1. Hello po. May dalawang dahilan po kung bakit tuloy2x ang playback. Yan po ang mababa ang bitrate/quality at maliit ang resolution ng kanilang in-upload sa YouTube.