Jan 16, 2014

[Tutorial] How To Place A Facebook Like Box In Your Blog To Gain More Fans

Using a Facebook Like Box on your blog posts is a convenient way for you to gain more fans on you page. It also increases your credibility online by showing how many followers you already have.

This step by step tutorial shows you how you can place a Facebook Like Box on every blog post that you make? Click Read More.

First thing you need to do is go to Facebook's Developer site which looks like this.

Next, type in your Facebook Page URL or just replace the "jayshubpage" with the name of your Facebook Page.

Next. You have the option to specify a "Height" and "Width" of your Facebook Like Box. Leave it blank If you don't have a specific height and width for your Like Box.

Next is the "Color Scheme". Click on the little triangle on the right and a drop down will appear. Choose between "Light" or "Dark".

Next are a few check boxes. Try and click all of them and see what happens on the "preview box". This part is a matter of preference.

The box highlighted with orange is the "Preview Box" where you can see how your "Like Box" will look like after changing the different parameters/options. 

After you are satisfied with how it looks, click on the button that says "Get Code".

A pop-up will appear containing the codes.

Be sure to select "IFRAME", then highlight the entire code and copy it.

Next, go to your "Blogger Dashboard" and click the button "New Post".

Click "HTML" and "Paste" your code.

Click "Compose" and you can see your Facebook Like Box inserted in your post.

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  1. HI Jay Dela Pena...I am so thankful to have you as my fb friend...I'll learn lots lost of internet tools...Continue to Serve Others...

    1. Hello po Atty Jay Tan. Maraming salamat din po sa inyo at binigyan nyo po ng pansin ang tutorials ko sa blog. I will take your advice po and I will continue to serve others through my blog.

      Kayo din po. Napakaraming mahalagang information ang sinishare po ninyo sa inyong blog. Ipagpatuloy nyo din Atty. Kung meron po kayong gustong itanong, mag pm lang po kayo sa akin at baka may maitutulong po ako kahit konti lang.

      God bless you po at sa inyong business.