Nov 11, 2012

Focus Booster | A Tool Against Procrastination

I would like to share to you this small but very effective tool called Focus Booster.

Most of the time we tend to substitute our high priority task to a less productive
one. I know right? I'm also guilty of that. For example, you need to work on something
like a project at school or do the laundry or even the simplest task of replacing a busted
bulb at home.

But what do we do? We check our emails, watch a TV show, surf the net, and the most
popular of them all is checking our facebook. Yes, we all love doing those things and
look away from task at hand.

I'm glad I found Focus Booster. This helps focus on my work and not get distracted.
I usually use the default setting which is you work for 25min and then have a 5min break
after that. I think of the 5min break as a reward and that's when I check my emails and
look at my facebook.

After the 5min break I simply go through the cycle again. It's that easy. Go ahead and
try it. Just download and install Focus Booster on your Mac or PC.

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