May 5, 2013

[Facebook Cover] Pip Surfer Group

Version 1.0

I'm currently enrolled for a 3 Session Forex Coaching which is done every other week from the start of the first session. After our first session they divided us into groups and gave us assignments for the next coaching session.

After a week from the first session we had a meeting with our respective group and shared what we have learned so far. In the meeting we also decided to make a name for our group. At first the name we agreed on was XEROF which is simply FOREX in reverse.

Then after that we agreed to make a separate facebook group. So we had our XEROF Group on facebook. After a day that we had our facebook group, one member suggested a very interesting name with a solid explaination why he came up with that name.

He said, "How about we call our group "Pip Surfer"? He explained that a surfer rides the waves and every pip movement in the chart looks more like a wave that goes up and down. We are like the surfer who rides the waves of pips. Wherever the pip goes we just ride it. 

Version 2.0

So I think everybody agreed because our group leader changed the group name to Pip Surfer and it sounded cool, well at least for me I think it does. I made a version 2.0 because when I presented my first design the member who gave the Pip Surfer name suggested that we place a surfboard. I gave it a shot and gave me an idea to place the initials of the group PS and created it to look like the Peso Sign and the Dollar Sign.

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